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"The NHS at its best"

Miles Ayling, Director of Innovation & Service Improvement, DH.


The multi-award winning NHS initiative "Simple Telehealth" (STH) based on transparency, honesty and value to ALL is led by Stoke-on-Trent CCG  using NHS Intellectual Property, NHS patents and NHS registered trademarks. 


Flo GP PostersThe STH programme aims to provide information and tools to help clinicians develop innovative and practical ways to help patients to help themselves.

  • Improve adherence with treatment regimes through encouragement, reminders and interactive contact
  • Regularly collect any self-reported information and give instant automated feedback.
  • Enable improvements in clinical team productivity and outcome quality
  • Engage patients in their health and social care pathways and services
  • Enables multiple healthcare teams to work together to assist patients in the management of their own care.

Due to the low cost of STH, its ease of use and universal acceptability of the methods, STH is affordable and deployable on an unequalled scale across an unrivalled range of conditions and pathways.

Simple Telehealth encompasses Florence (Flo) the friendly interface & persona, technical assets, methodologies, patents, business cases and an open and honest approach to sharing best practice across health and social care.


“Flo is actively supporting the need to look holistically at patients in line with the QIPP LTC work stream.” Sir John Oldham: National Clinical Lead – Quality and Productivity, DH.

What's inside the network?

Inside the network we share NHS knowhow and IP.

  • News and blogs with more detail
  • Downloadable resources
  • Business cases
  • Case studies
  • Clinical guides
  • Operating guides
  • Education and promotion material
  • Graphics and images
  • Training guides
  • In depth FAQ's
  • Innovation and collaboration to develop and share applications and knowhow within the NHS

NHS licensed service

Florence, a component of STH is general purpose short message communication software intended for use in a healthcare setting.  It is built and operated under NHS STH licence by Mediaburst Ltd