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A section related to the prevention of, care of and life after Stroke. Includes 'What is a Stroke?' 'Types of Stroke' and information relating to Stroke causes and prevention.

Stroke Information

Every year around 150,000 people in the UK suffer a Stroke.

Stroke is currently the third most common cause of death in the UK

On average someone suffers a Stroke in the UK once every five minutes.

Stroke has a profound impact upon both the sufferers and those close to them.

Stroke is one of the primary causes of disability in the UK.

In this section you will find details on:

What is Stroke?
Detailing the way in which a Stroke affects the brain.

Types of Stroke
Details of the kinds of Stroke and how they affect the sufferer.

Preventing Stroke
Some simple guidance on how you can help to lower the risk of a Stroke

Symptoms & Risk Factors
How can you tell if someone is having/has had a Stroke.
How to recognise the symptoms of a Stroke.
Risk factors that increase your chances of suffering a Stroke.

Suspected Stroke? Act FAST!
The Stroke Association's "FAST" campaign is desgined to aid the recognition of a Stroke and explains what you should do if you think someone is having a Stroke.