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Rotary Events

Rotary Events

Run in conjunction with the Rotary Club the Network helps to facilitate a number of events throughout the year to promote health awareness and to perform health checks on members of the public across the Network area.

The Network will be organising a range of events throughout the year with further information listed on the 'Events' section of this site.

The 'Know Your Own Blood Pressure' initiative is currently being facilitated by the Network along with drives to promote the FAST campaign and other prominent health related activities and events.

The Network receives invaluable support from agencies such as The Stroke Association, local universities (with regard to nursing assistance) and other local groups.

Forthcoming Rotary Stroke Awareness Events:

Saturday 9th April 2011. 10am - 2pm
Cannock Shopping Centre, Hall Street, Cannock.

Thursday 16th April 2011. 9am - 1pm
Ellesmere Town Hall, Ellesmere.

30th April 2011. 10am - 4pm
Ludlow Methodist Church, Ludlow.

30th April 2011. 9:30am - 4pm
Guildhall Shopping Centre, Stafford.

Saturday 7th May 2011. 10am - 4pm
St Laurence's Parish Centre, Church Stretton.

Saturday 7th May 2011. 10am - 1pm (TBC)
Roebuck Shopping Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Saturday 21st May 2011. 10:30am - 3:30pm
Trinity Church Hall, Derby Street, Leek.

Saturday 21st May 2011. 10am - 3pm
Penkridge Market, Penkridge.

Saturday 21st May 2011. 10am - 3pm
Market Hall, Shrewsbury

Saturday 28th May 2011. 10am - 4:30pm
Telford Shopping Centre, Ironbridge.

Saturday 18th June 2011. 10am - 4pm
Wellington Town Square, Wellington.

All dates are agreed and supported by respective Rotary Clubs.

For further information please contact;

Email -
Network office - 01952 228499