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Raising Awareness of Stroke in Nursing Homes

Raising Awareness of Stroke in Nursing Homes

A project is currently underway within the Shropshire area to raise awareness of Stroke, TIA and Atrial Fibrillation within the various Nursing Home institutes across the County.

Currently the lack of awareness of Stroke and its symptoms within Nursing Homes is an area of National concern.

The project aims to educate Nursing Home staff in the identification of the signs and symptoms of Stroke and TIA and to ensure that staff treat these as medical emergencies.

The detection of atrial fibrillation within Nursing Homes is designed as a preventative measure in accordance with statistics which dictate that patients suffering from atrial fibrillation are much more at risk of suffering a stroke or TIA.

Network staff have spent time providing education events and Stroke specific literature to Nursing Homes in an attempt to help address this issue.