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Shared Decision Making - SDM

Resources for Shared Decision Making

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Resources for Shared Decision Making

Resources produced by the SDM Programme, to help you embed and implement Shared Decision Making

1. Tools to support Shared Decision Making (delivery partner: Totally Health).

2. Creating a receptive culture for Shared Decision Making (delivery partner: AQuA).

3. Shared decision making resource centre (Health Foundation)


4. Embedding Shared Decision Making into NHS systems and processes. (delivery partner: Capita)

5. SDM programme ebulletins

6.  Ask 3 questions


Programme delivery partner, AQuA, has developed films, posters and other materials that can be displayed in patient areas, consultation rooms and other public places. The ‘Ask 3 questions’ campaign also includes information leaflets which can be included in appointment letters to encourage patients to ask three key questions when they are asked to make a choice about treatment.

To show Shared Decision Making in action, AQuA has produced a series of short films showing both good and bad clinical experiences. The filmed scenarios demonstrate clinicians and patients engaged in consultations and decision making for a variety of conditions including maternity, musculoskeletal (MSK), and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is the most common prostate disorder, as well as a renal scenario demonstrating decisions to be made in regards to options for dialysis.

As part of the campaign, there is also available a series of short film clips, which include animation, to introduce the campaign to patients incorporating action from the films and the Ask 3 Questions artwork. GPs, charities and public sector organisations will be encouraged to use the materials which can be shown in hospital and GP waiting rooms as well as embedded in both public and third sector websites of organisations with a public health mandate.

7. SDM useful links