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Nursing and Health Adviser interest group

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Nursing and Health Adviser interest group

Contact: Kate Hedge, katharine.hedge@whht.nhs.uk

The nursing and Health advising Network met for the first time at the start of 2009. The progress of this group has been limited by the decision to develop the use of on line networking for the main multi disciplinary group - The sexual health network for Beds and Herts.

The nursing and health adviser network has now transformed into the nursing and health advising ‘interest group’. We aim is to use the main network for the majority of communication but to use the interest groups for specific issues or projects which could then be fed back to the main network. The goal is to achieve good networking, which keeps everyone informed of what is happening in the different branches of sexual health across the counties.

What might the interest group do for me?

If you have a development at work, for example, the development of nurse led services or new integrated clinics why not ask colleagues from the network how they overcame some of the challenged or what problems occurred that they were not expecting. It might also be useful to share copies of paperwork in use at other centres that could be adapted for your own area rather than each one of us starting from scratch.

Could I get support via the network?

Yes! It is clear that some people work in very small teams and lack the opportunity simply to check out ideas and current practice. Make connection with others who have similar experiences and feel part of a larger organisation.

Could I advertise a vacancy on the network?

If managers chose to do so, they could advertise free of charge their vacant positions and guarantee it reaches the target group of local, skilled staff. You would then be able to check out local career opportunities.

How do I add my stuff onto the site?

If you have papers or course that you would like displayed on the web page just email the information to me at Katharine.hedge@whht.nhs.uk. If you want to ask a question or add a comment, go onto the discussion forum on the main network page.

These are just a few ideas of how we might use our part of the network. How we use it is really up to the members, but the network can only work if we get involved……

Kate Hedge, Network coordinator, sexual health Beds and Herts and Nursing and Health Adviser interest group