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Good Lives?

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December 20. 2012
Richard Barker

I'm curious to know who is using a "Good Lives" approach to risk reduction in their services.  We've been runnning a Good lives group now for a year and would like to share practice, and possibly link up to discuss a possible multi-site evaluation?

January 24. 2013
linda moore

What is the good lives approach?

January 24. 2013
Richard Barker

Hi Linda


The "good lives" approach was developed in new Zealand by Tony Ward and colleagues, originally for working with sex-offenders, but it has now being used with a wider range of offending behaviours.  The basic premise is that each individual seeks to attain certain things in life (called Goods, such as a sense of compentency or mastery),but it is the way that we go about attempting to attain those things that can be maladaptive or unhelpful.  There is much more information on the good lives website (www.goodlivesmodel.com) or in Tony Ward and Shadd Maurna's book "Rehabiliation", published by Routledge in 2007.



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