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Secure Recovery


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Recovery research in secure settings

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Arden Cancer Research Network
Cancer Services across the UK are organised into 34 networks. The Arden Cancer Research Network is one of these networks. It covers Coventry, Warwickshire and ...
Clinical Research Nurses
The Network has been set up to help connect and support Clinical Research Nurses accross the NIHR.
Keywords: ('connecting', 'supporting', 'research', 'clinical', 'nurses')
Health Services Research Network
The HSRN is a membership network for organisations and bodies across the UK with an interest in health services research.
Keywords: ('HSRN', 'health services research')
Healthcare Associated Infection Research Network
The key aims of the HCAI Research Network are to contribute to the strategic development of the national research agenda in this field and support and manage ...
Keywords: ('Healthcare associated infections', 'research', 'research capacity')
Ketogenic Dietitians Research Network
The Ketogenic Dietitians Research Network is a newly-established group of paediatric and adult ketogenic dietitians and researchers. The aims of the group ...
Keywords: ('kdrn', 'ketogenic', 'ketogenic diet')
KHP Medical Physics Research Forum
KHP Medical Physics Research Forum
Keywords: ('khp', 'medical', 'physics', 'research')
National Secure & Specialised Database
A group to discuss the development of the North West SMH database for use with all other SCGs.
Keywords: ('database', 'national system', 'scg', 'smh')
NENC Hepatology Research
A space for all Hepatology researchers in the North East North Cumbria Specialty Group
Keywords: ('nenc hepatology specialty research group',)
NHS Research and Development Forum
The NHS R&D Forum is a network for those involved in planning and managing research in health and social care.
Keywords: ('research', 'development')
Northamptonshire AIR (Actively Involved in Research)
Northamptonshire AIR (Actively Involved in Research). Clinical research is essential for finding new treatments, improving service delivery ...
Keywords: ('northamptonshire', 'involved', 'actively', 'nurses', 'research')