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About RMPD

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About RMPD

The Regional Medical Physics Department is a Clinical Directorate of The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and provides a first class medical physics service that adds value to health care through regional integration and innovation.


The department is the largest such department in the UK and comprises around 300 scientific, technical and support staff based at 13 acute hospitals across northern England, dedicated to serving patients, their Consultants, General Practitioners and the community. The integrated regional organisation and management within the department ensure that our services are available cost effectively and are mutually supportive region wide.


The department's services are provided through strategically located Units in Carlisle, Durham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland. Additional Units provide patient services locally and also act as the interface to the expertise of the whole department. They are located in Darlington, Gateshead, Hartlepool, South Shields, Stockton and Whitehaven.


The department is led by a Clinical Director who reports to the Trust’s Chief Executive. Units are managed by their Unit Head, who reports to the Clinical Director, and provides an interface with the host Trust.