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£1billion spent on respiratory inhalers in 2011

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£1billion spent on respiratory inhalers in 2011

Nearly £1billion was spent on respiratory inhalers in 2011 according to the latest analysis of 2011 prescription costs by the NHS Information Centre.

The 2011 Prescription Cost Analysis provides details of the number of items and the net ingredient cost of all prescriptions dispensed in the community in England. The drugs dispensed are listed by British National Formulary (BNF) therapeutic class.

The data shows that just under £1billion is spent on respiratory inhalers with £170 million spent on one product alone (the Seretide 250 evohaler)

The report is available as a 643-page summary report (which doesn't list very low volume prescriptions) and a number of spreadsheets giving precise information.

> Download the summary report from the Information Centre website (3.7MB)

> Go to the Information Centre website for supporting information or detailed spreadsheets

The Information Centre has also just released prescribing data at GP practice level for December 2011. 

This includes:

  • All prescribed and dispensed medicines (by chemical name), dressings and appliances (at section level), listed for each GP practice.
  • For each GP practice, the total number of items that were prescribed and then dispensed is shown.
  • The total Net Ingredient Cost and the total Actual Cost of these items is shown.

This data does not list each individual prescription and does not contain any patient identifiable data

> Read more about the information and download the data from the NHS Information Centre website

Note: Due to the large file size (over 500MB) standard spreadsheet applications will not be able to handle the volumes of data contained in the monthly datasets. Data users will need to analyse the information using specialist data-handling software.