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Professional Leaders support World Spirometry Day

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Professional Leaders support World Spirometry Day

Leaders from all the clinical professions came out to support the first World Spirometry Day on 14 October in a special event at the Department of Health. They were joined by Lord Howe, Minister for Quality at the Department of Health.

CSO Sue Hill AND CMO Sally Davies at World Spirometry Day

CSO & Joint Respiratory NCD Professor Sue Hill, CMO Dame Sally Davies and Martyn Bucknall from Guys & St Thomas' Hospital

Joining Professor Sue Hill, joint Respiratory National Clinical Director and Chief Scientific Officer were Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr David Foster, the Deputy Chief Nursing Officer and Karen Middleton, Chief Health Professions Officer.

The four professional leaders and Lord Howe all had spirometric tests on their lungs as part of a worldwide series of events to help raise the profile of this important lung test.

Lord Howe has spirometry test

Minister for Quality, Lord Howe is given a spirometry test by Samantha Prigmore of St George's Hospital

Professor Hill said: "Spirometry is a test as simple as having your blood pressure taken yet can detect  lung disease. For healthy people it can show how good your lungs are, for those who may feel breathless and feel that it is  just  part of being unfit it can detect early signs of lung problems.

"In this country it is a tragedy that most people with COPD and other lung conditions are not diagnosed until they have lost over half of their lung function.  Unlike other parts of the body, lung damage cannot be repaired. At best all we can hope to do is slow down the progression of the disease.”

"World Spirometry Day is so important in informing the general public of  this  simple test at the same time as raising awareness of the importance of maintaining good lung health and seeking help for early symptoms of lung disease"

Watch Professor Sue Hill talking about World Spirometry Day on YouTube