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Appointments to the National Commissioning Board

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Appointments to the National Commissioning Board

A summary of the key appointments that have been made to the National Commissioning Board to date. Updated as at 16 July 2012

Chief Executive - Sir David Nicholson

Chief Operating Officer/ Deputy Chief Executuve - Ian Dalton


Clinical Directorates

National Medical Director - Professor Sir Bruce Keogh

Nursing Director - Jane Cummings

National Director Domain One (avoidable death) - Professor Sir Mike Richards 

National Director Domain Two (long term conditions) - Dr Martin McShane

National Director Doman Three (acute intervention) - under recruitment

National Director Domain Four (patient experience) - to be announced shortly

National Director Domain Five (patient safety) - to be announced shortly

Quality Framework Director - John Stewart


National Directors

National Director: Policy -  Bill McCarthy

National Director: Commissioning Development - Dame Barbara Hakin

Chief Financial Officer - Paul Baumann

National Director: Human Resources - Jo-Anne Wass

National Director: Transformation - Jim Easton

National Director for Patients and Information - Tim Kelsey


Regional Directors

Regional Director: London - Dr Anne Rainsbury

Regional Director: Midlands and the East - Dr Paul Watson

Regional Director: North - Richard Barker

Regional Director: South - Andrea Young


Other team directors


Director of Strategy - Professor Robert Harris

Commissioning  Development

Rosamund Roughton - Director for Commissioning Systems & Strategy

Director of CCG development - John Bewick

Director of Commissioning Policy & Primary Care - Ben Dyson

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