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Respiratory Community of Practice for the East

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Connecting people in the East of England and enabling the sharing of activity, learning and approaches to service improvement.
Connecting people in the East of England and enabling the sharing of activity, learning and approaches to service improvement. (less...)

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Paediatric Respiratory
I am asking on behalf of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG as to whether there are any good examples of how better outcomes have been achieved with regards to paediatric respiratory.
09:35 - Wed 14 Nov 2018
Stopping Smoking - What Works?
Health Matters:  Stopping Smoking - What Works? Smoking quitting routes and the evidence for their effectiveness, including the evidence on e-cigarettes. This edition of Health Matters focuses on the range...
16:00 - Tue 25 Sep 2018
Help us to shape your online community for the better
Hello,  A few weeks ago we asked you to complete a short survey to reflect your thoughts on this online platform.   We would be very please to receive more feedback...
13:17 - Tue 25 Sep 2018
Re: PAMs (Patient Activation Measures)
Hi Sarah, Thank you for your interesting question – have you had any responses via email perhaps?  Please see the new PAM Blog. Many thanks, Stanley
20:05 - Wed 22 Aug 2018
PAMs (Patient Activation Measures)
I am wondering if anyone has had any experience of implementing PAMs licences and would be willing to share their thoughts/learning? Alternatively, if you know of any relevant literature or...
11:31 - Thu 16 Aug 2018
Re: Competency frameworks for respiratory workforce
Thanks Lianne and Rosa. Both really helpful. Best wishes Sarah
11:21 - Thu 16 Aug 2018
Celebrating our colleagues in AHP
An interesting read. https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/celebrating-ahp-leadership-and-improvement/ 
15:17 - Mon 06 Aug 2018
Measuring Improvement and Communicating with Colleagues
Measurements for Improvement What can we learn about health improvement and communication from a banana and a piece of string? After attending a recent Measurement for Improvement workshop run by...
14:26 - Mon 06 Aug 2018
Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice: Pilot Scheme Evaluation
The General Practice Forward View (GPFV, NHS England, 2016) outlined the measures that NHS England are taking to develop general practice. The report suggests that a range of healthcare professionals can become...
17:05 - Wed 01 Aug 2018
Stop Smoking Interventions and Services
NICE Guideline [NG92] Published March 2018 This guideline covers stop smoking interventions and services delivered in primary care and community settings for everyone over the age of 12. It aims...
16:58 - Wed 01 Aug 2018
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