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7.3 Community pharmacy: GP records in community pharmacies, Brighton & Hove

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Patient Access to Records and Transactional Services
This network is intended to promote and encourage the provision of patient online access to GP records and services, by facilitating the sharing of good ...
Keywords: ('patient online access',)
Pharmacy and Clinical Research Network
Network for Pharmacies involved in Clinical Research/Clinical Trials.
Keywords: ('Pharmacy', 'Clinical Trials', 'Clinical Research')
Pharmacy Clinical Leadership Network
Welcome to the new online network for Pharmacy Clinical Leadership. This site has been set up to allow pharmacists working in all sectors to share, discuss and ...
Keywords: ('pharmacy', 'pharmacist', 'clinical leaders', 'clinical leadership')
Pharmacy Information Service - West Midlands
Single point for sharing information with pharmacists in the local Area Team; including news, updates, events, NHS England policies and procedures, community ...
Keywords: ('contacts', 'cpaf', 'lpn', 'updates', 'policies', 'news', 'procedures')
Pharmacy LPN Arden Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Pharmacy Local Professional Network for Arden, Herefordshire and Worcestershire - A network of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, with patients and others ...
Keywords: ('worcestershire', 'herefordshire', 'pharmacy', 'arden', 'lpn')
Pharmacy LPN West Yorkshire
Local Professional Networks have been established for Pharmacy, Dental and Eye Health within each Area Team. LPNs will : Support the implementation of national ...
Keywords: ('pharmacy', 'lpn', 'local professional network', 'west yorkshire')
PPCA GP Contract
Shared access to the PPCA GP Contract.
Keywords: ('enhanced access', 'acute visiting service')
Premier:MK GP Consortium
We are a consortium within Milton Keynes seeking to influence the local commissioning agenda to ensure Clinician led, patient-centred healthcare.
Keywords: ('Commissioning', 'GP Consortium', 'Quality Improvement', 'Milton Keynes')
Primary Care Pharmacy Technicians
This Network is designed for pharmacy technicians who work in CCG’s, CSU’s (formerly PCT’s) or any other primary care organisation, to allow them to share ...
Keywords: ('primary care pharmacy technicians',)
Proactive Care - Hove
A Network home for the Hove Cluster GP practices to engage and develop and discuss common priorities, currently Proactive Care
Keywords: ('proactive care', 'hove cluster practices')