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Developing specialist nursing services in Gloucestershire

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DISN UK Group Forum
A network for Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurses
Keywords: ('diabetes inpatient specialist nurses',)
Epilepsy Specialist Nurses Association (ESNA) Epilepsy Awareness Group Eastern Region (EAGER)
Keywords: ('epilepsy specialist nurse network',)
Fade Library
Fade Library provides the North West Grey Literature Service and library services to primary and community care in Liverpool.
Keywords: ('library', 'information services', 'information handling')
Health Visitor Network
A network for Health Visitors to share information, best practice, experience and stories.
Keywords: ('specialist', 'visiting', 'visitor', 'public health', 'hv', 'community', 'health', 'nurse', 'scphn')
Healthcare Professionals Commissioning Network (HCPCN)
The National Clinical Commissioning Network (NCCN) and associated Healthcare Professionals Commissioning Network (HCPCN) were created to enable an ...
Keywords: ('World Class Commissioning', 'Service Improvement', 'practice based commissioning', 'clinical leaders', 'Service Redesign', 'dentistry', 'commissioning', 'pharmacy', 'physio', 'Practice based Commissioning', 'optometry', 'PBC', 'clinical leadership', 'healthcare professionals', 'multi-disciplinary', 'nursing', 'clinical professions')
London Eyecare Network
To share information, guidance, experience and ideas on all GOS and eyecare matters.
Keywords: ('Optometry,', 'Contracting', 'Ophthalmology', 'Eyecare services', 'Commissioning', 'GOS')
Malling Health
The face of NHS General Practice and, more generally, Primary Care is changing rapidly. New contract models have been introduced to allow 'other' parties to ...
Keywords: ('nhs', 'general practice', 'primary care', 'gp services', 'malling health')
Midlands Technical Pharmacy Network
Network page for Pharmacy Technical Services across the Midlands
Keywords: ('radiopharmacy', 'pharmacy', 'quality control', 'aseptics', 'quality assurance', 'technical services', 'non sterile', 'sterile')
Home of the #NAambassadors
Keywords: ('nursing associates', 'nmc', 'ambassadors', 'tna', 'apprenticeship')
Neuro Navigators Group
Neuro Navigators working with NHS England to co-ordinate local/district level neurorehabilitation and develop consistent pathways through Specialist ...
Keywords: ('specialist rehabilitation', 'neurology', 'neuro')