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Online consultations in Long Eaton

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Northwest CFS group
We are a forum for professionals working with CFS/ME. The aim of our forum is to share best practice and to provide networking opportunities for anyone ...
Keywords: ('chronic fatigue', 'cfs', 'fibromyalgia', 'long covid', 'fatigue management')
Shropshire Patients' Group
Invitation only network, trialing NHS Networks as a facility to support networking of PPGs in Shropshire.
Keywords: ('long term conditions', 'patient participation', 'care planning')
The Specialists in Long-term Ventilation at Home group aims to bring together practise development, standardisation, service improvement and innovation.
Keywords: ('long-term', 'ventilation', 'home', 'mechanical')
South West Region Network
The SW Region Network aims to enable the development of GP Clinical Commissioning. Empowering engagement and strengthening partnerships that will deliver ...
Keywords: ('Best practice', 'quality improvement', 'secondary care', 'communication', 'strategic planning', 'culture', 'commissioning', 'GP Commissioning Development Programme', 'networks', 'the health consultancy', 'GP clinical commissioning', 'clinicians', 'NHS reforms', 'engagement', 'improvement', 'strategy', 'social care', 'napc', 'innovation', 'social enterprise', 'healthwatch', 'health & wellbeing boards', 'local authority', 'sharing', 'practice managers', 'collaboration', 'provider', 'leadership development', 'primary care', 'long term conditions', 'leadership', 'Dashboard', 'service redesign', 'GPCC networks', 'organisational development', 'health & social care bill', 'consortia', 'large scale change', 'NHS south west', 'partnerships')
The Newcastle Network
The Newcastle Network is the legacy of a trans-European study visit "Maintaining Health Despite Ill Health in the Elderly"
Keywords: ('elderly', 'chronic', 'long term', 'integrated', 'innovation')
West Midlands LTC Network
This Network is to share information relating to best practice, innovation, LTC Commissioning, particularly Personalised care planning, self management, ...
Keywords: ('Long term conditions, telehealth, telecare, personalised care planning, risk stratification, LTC Commissioning',)