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HSJ Rheumatology and MSK Disorders Network - North West - Master Slides

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North West GP Commissioning Consortia
A network to connect GP Commissioning Consortia across the North West
Keywords: ('GP Consortia', 'North West')
North West London Cancer Network
Core purpose is to deliver improvements in cancer care for patients and their carers working to a national 10-year plan.
Keywords: ('Cancer service development', 'Cancer Network', 'West London', 'Cancer')
North West London Confident Leader programme
This network is to support the North West London development set who are taking part on the Confident Leader programme.
Keywords: ('north west london', 'confident leader programme')
Critical Care Network - North West London
Intensive care, High dependency Acutely unwell patients
Keywords: ('adult', 'high dependency', 'critical care', 'intensive care')
North West London Data Quality Forum
This is a centralised information repository to support the NW London data quality forum. Please use this site to share informaiton and resources.
Keywords: ('north west london', 'data quality forum')
North West London Major Trauma Network
The North West London Major Trauma Network is a hub and spoke model of enhanced trauma care comprised of; St Mary's Major Trauma Centre and 6 Trauma Unit ...
Keywords: ('major trauma network',)
North West London Ophthalmology Clinical Network
To achieve the successful implementation of local and national targets to share best practice and strategically develop the service across North West London.
Keywords: ('Delivery', 'patient focussed', 'high quality', 'acessible')
North West London PCN CD development programme
This is a closed network for North West London PCN clinical directors booked on to the PCC development programme.
Keywords: ('north', 'west', 'london', 'pcn', 'development')
North West London Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Network
Clinical network overseeing the operational, governance and educational functions of adult and paediatric haemoglobinopathies at Imperial College Healthcare ...
Keywords: ('paediatric', 'adult', 'sickle cell', 'thalassemia')
North West Medicines Information Network
A network for medicines information and formulary services staff within the North West region.
Keywords: ('medicines information', 'north west', 'formulary')