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Populating the site with useful content

Up to Additional Mental Health Information
October 17. 2011

Terri and Karen have given us a start - thanks to you both. Now its your turn. Have a look at their suggestions and give us yours to make sure the EMMHCN fulfils its potential to become a true meeting place for those of us who can see that giving mental health equal status to physical health is the only way to go for commissioning....

October 19. 2011
Geraldine McMurdie


It was very useful to get a wider perspective and network opportunity last Friday. I work for Northamptonshire County Council , so am unable to view NHS only posted  comments, any chance this can be fixed.

Gerry McMurdie

October 20. 2011

Hi Geraldine

pleased you found the event useful. To view Terri and Karon's suggestions for content of this site, see the word doc in the 'documents' section accessed by the toolbar on the LHS of the page


Kind regards, Paul

November 29. 2011
Theresa Eynon


I found this site:-


and thought it was a good example of the kind of information we should be holding for our users

Have you sorted our Geraldine (above)'s problem with access from non-NHS users?

I am tweeting my comments and would hope to get interest from social care and third sector on here.


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