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East Midlands Mental Health Transformation and Sustainability Network 20th September - Final Attendee List

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East of England Severe - Profound Regional Group
The group is for audiologists and other professionals with an interest in improving management of people with severe-profound hearing loss
Keywords: ('deafness', 'deaf', 'cochlear implant', 'hearing', 'audiology')
East of England Streamlining
Regional programme that significantly reduces time to hire, agency spend and repetition of pre-employment processes. Increases capacity of HR, OD and Learning ...
Keywords: ('best practice', 'streamlining', 'esr', 'hr', 'compliance')
East of England Tinnitus Network
Professionals working with tinnitus and hyperacusis patients in the East of England discussing service development ideas and new guidelines/research
Keywords: ('tinnitus', 'east of england', 'hyperacusis')
East of England Vestibular Interest Group
This group has been set up to connect the members of the East of England Vestibular Interest Group.
Keywords: ('east of england', 'vestibular', 'audiology', 'interest group')
East Yorkshire School of Anaesthesia Journal Watch
A forum to disseminate and discuss recent journals that may be of interest to others within the region. Please click on discussions and find any articles that ...
Keywords: ('east yorkshire', 'journal', 'discussion forum', 'anaesthesia', 'evidence')
Exercise Professionals working in Mental Health Settings
A network for exercise professionals who work in mental health to share best practice.
Keywords: ('exercise', 'mental health', 'psychotropics', 'obesity', 'weight management', 'physical activity', 'behaviour change')
G5 Pharmacy Aseptic Services Network West Midlands
Aseptic Services Network for 5 Trusts across the south of the West Midlands
Keywords: ('g5', 'pharmacy', 'west midlands', 'aseptic services')
Greater Midlands Cancer Network
The Greater Midlands Cancer Network is first and foremost a set of relationships and services that underpin cancer patients' journey through the National ...
Keywords: ('black country', 'cancer')
Herefordshire Transformation Programme
A cross-organisational programme of system change led by Herefordshire CCG, Herefordshire Council, Wye Valley NHS Trust and 2gether Foundation NHS Trust
Keywords: ('transformation programme', 'system redesign')
HLP Quality Improvement Programme North East London
This network is to support delegates who are taking part on the HLP Quality Improvement Programme North East London programme.
Keywords: ('hlp quality improvement programme',)