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September 16. 2014
Benjamin Roe

Hi i'm Ben

I'm currently RTSM in Taunton, Somerset but have previously worked in radiotherapy education and have a strong drive to improve the experience that students have of placement education.  I am one of a small group of managers who have been looking at steps we can take in response to the issues highlighted in placement education.

We felt that rather than trying to be prescriptive about what creates a good experience we would set up this forum to share ideas and concepts, but also to allow people to contact each other easily and get advice and practical solutions.

We really hope that you will engage in the message threads, share your examples (you can upload docs etc to the message board) and experiences and join in!

If you have any questions you can contact me @ benjamin.roe@tst.nhs.uk


October 23. 2014
Erin McMonnies


I'm Erin. I am the student lead radiographer at UCLH in London. We have recently been trying to create more up to date and accessible resources for our student cohort, such as creating an online folder of activities/worksheets.

I hope that this project will help everyone who is keen to improve student experience in placement education. Sharing ideas, resources and experiences (good/bad) will only help to grow our knowledge bases!



November 13. 2014
Sarah Lambert

Hello all,

I'm Sarah and I am the Clinical Liaison Radiographer at Peterborough City Hospital. I also work alongside Ruth at Hertfordshire University.

I am completely clinical and rely heavily on the support of link lecturers. I think this gives me a strength in the role of Clinical Liaison because I get to spend alot of time working with our students!! Unfortunately for them, I am never far away!

I feel really strongly about providing a better environment for students whlist on placement, and I think that starts with the staff who they are working with.

I am currently working on an online mentor training package, with the intention of rolling it out across all clinical sites. With the aim of providing consistency to both staff and students.

I am looking forward to hearing from everyone and think this is going to prove to be invaluable support and guiedance.



November 14. 2014
Laura Crowney


I'm the Radiotherapy Practice Educator for the new (so new that we're not yet clinical!) Worcestershire Oncology Centre.  I'd love to offer to help out with the admin side of this group, as I agree it is potentially very valuable, but currently have too much going on with the new centre to commit to much else.  However once we're up and running, I shall certainly be looking to see what "best practices" from elsewhere we can implement for our own students; I look forward to hearing ideas!

Thanks all for setting this up and putting the effort in to make it work :)



November 27. 2014
Kelly Mundy

Hi all,

I've been meaning to post a comment in this forum for some time. It's been great to see all of you join in and there's clearly some passionate Radiographers out there who want the best for our future workforce :)

I'm Kelly and I work at the Beacon Centre in Taunton with Ben Roe who is our Services Manager and professional head of department. I am currently a B7 advanced practitioner and I'm the training and education lead for our Radiographers. Previously I set up the Student Liaison Radiographer role when the department opened in the summer of 2009.

We take 12 students per year from UWE in Bristol plus elective students from all over. Through this forum I hope to share with you some best practice we have implemented here for our students, and I look forward to hearing about your practice and experiences across the radiotherapy network to further enhance our service.

Finally, I just wondered if anybody attended the 'Achieving Excellence in Radiography Education and Research' last weekend in Bristol? It would be good to start a thread on the issues and themes that came out of it?



January 28. 2015
Lorna Brown

Hi all

My name is Lorna Brown and I am Training & Education lead in the RT department in Southend, Essex. I am brand new to the job and have just come from a band 6 clinical background with a love of teaching and sharing knowledge, so it's been a bit of a culture shock to now have a desk job!

Really interested in what Sarah was talking about as mentor training and assessment of students is one of my soap boxes. All new staff get sent on the programme run by our HEI City Uni in their preceptorship year but no update is every forthcoming. I too am trying to get something organised in-house but it is very slow work. I agree that there needs to be parity between student assessors, and its something that has come up too at the Uni although the only suggestion so far is to limit the number of assessors and have them assigned rather then whoever is in the unit with the student at that time of assessment.

I find that relationship between clinical and Uni an ambigious one at times, not sure if others are feeling that same. There was a letter in SoR magazine this month that bemoaned the fact that the training for RT students has become so focussed on academic that their clinical skills is lacking and we are no longer producing clinically skilled radiographers. From the students that are now in placement with me, I would tend to agree! Any thoughts? 

February 20. 2015
Louise Coleman

Hi all,

I'm the SCoR education and accreditation officer and facilitate the twice a year Practice Placement Forum there.  It's great to be part of a group who take practice education so seriously and are so committed to learners (not just pre-reg students).

My current ambition is to get a straight answer out of Health Education England about how practice placements can access the Education and Training Tariff.  Not going well so far but I'll keep trying!

I've joined this network to make it easier to engage with a wider circle of people, not just those who attend the forum at HQ.  If you didn't know about the forum then just let me know and I'll check who your department/uni rep is or send you an invite to the next one.

April 10. 2015
Ruth Rowse

Hi Louise


I missed you at NGH last week as I was on AL. Please can you let me know when the next forum is as I would be interested in attendidng



September 09. 2015
Erin McMonnies

Hi Louise,


Please keep us updated with any future meetings. Jo Keeble is out department SoR rep here at UCLH.

We have recently been doing the training cost analysis which examines how much it costs for us to train students within the clinical environment. This will be the second year that we have completed it and it has actually been very interesting!

Great to hear that you are on Health Education Englands back about the education and training tariff!


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