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Options for the ITK "Get Document" interface

What would be your preferred way for ITK to specify the... More ›
What would be your preferred way for ITK to specify the “Get Document” transaction? Less ›
1. Messaging based (e.g. ITK-WS as per other ITK specs)
0% (0 votes)
2. Direct HTTP GET using a supplier defined URL in the notification
25% (1 votes)
3. Both of the above - I will choose which to use
50% (2 votes)
4. Neither of the above - I know a better way
0% (0 votes)
5. Not sure
25% (1 votes)

Online Preoperative Assessment

Online preoperative assessment presents an opportunity to standardise data capture, allow patients to complete standard forms ahead of appointments with clinicians, release valuable clinician time, eliminate unnecessary investigations and optimise use of resources.

Preoperative assessment questionnaires are currently completed through a non-standard paper based system most often during a hospital or clinic visit in the presence of clinical staff. This is a time-consuming resource intensive process often completed too close to the surgical procedure to reallocate resources should a cancellation occur. 

Of the current 10m surgical procedures per year the cancellation rate can be up to 20% for theatre slots where a patient cannot be provided with anaesthetic based upon assessment.

Scope of Online Preoperative Assessment:

  • An online preoperative assessment service (providing a framework for the standardised capture of patient provided preoperative assessment data). 
  • This will allow the patient to pre-complete part of the pre-operative assessment online.
  • Allow early triage of patients due to attend clinic
  • Identify those patients that require further assessment in advance of the clinic
  • Identify clinics that need to re-booked/cancelled in advance