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Options for the ITK "Get Document" interface

What would be your preferred way for ITK to specify the... More ›
What would be your preferred way for ITK to specify the “Get Document” transaction? Less ›
1. Messaging based (e.g. ITK-WS as per other ITK specs)
0% (0 votes)
2. Direct HTTP GET using a supplier defined URL in the notification
25% (1 votes)
3. Both of the above - I will choose which to use
50% (2 votes)
4. Neither of the above - I know a better way
0% (0 votes)
5. Not sure
25% (1 votes)

DTV Phase 2 Initiatives

Summary of QIPP Digital Technology Vision work conducted in Phase 2 ( January to April 2011 ).

This section describes the various initiatives that were analysed and copies of the summary packs that set out the digital vision, business case and national enables are included.

The detailed benefits cases that were also developed as input to the vision documents are also included.

From Phase1 of the DTV QIPP activities, three “National Candidates” and a set of “Quick Wins” were identified for further investigation.  Phase 2 has scoped these initiatives, conducted a benefits analysis and assessed how each of these should be progressed.

The National Candidates assessed were: 
 - Online personalised self-care for Long Term Conditions

 - Online personalised self-care for Maternity

A set of Quick Wins were also identified and assessed including:

 - Online Meeting Services

 - Online pre-operative assessment

 - Digital Pens

The sections below provide details of each digital initiative and then provide access to the related documents.