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Options for the ITK "Get Document" interface

What would be your preferred way for ITK to specify the... More ›
What would be your preferred way for ITK to specify the “Get Document” transaction? Less ›
1. Messaging based (e.g. ITK-WS as per other ITK specs)
0% (0 votes)
2. Direct HTTP GET using a supplier defined URL in the notification
25% (1 votes)
3. Both of the above - I will choose which to use
50% (2 votes)
4. Neither of the above - I know a better way
0% (0 votes)
5. Not sure
25% (1 votes)

Risk Statification Data Sharing Factsheet

Risk Stratification requires the sharing of data between different health care organisations and also between health and social care. This will include patient identifiable data. This Factsheet looks at how NHS Organisations have addressed one of the barriers to such data sharing, that is Information Governance. These concerns need to be addressed to ensure the legitimacy of data sharing and that suitable precautions are taken to ensure the data security.

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PDF document icon QIPP DT Risk Stratification Data Sharing Factsheet 20.09.12.pdf — PDF document, 84 KB (86578 bytes)