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Public Health Practitioner Compentency: what does it mean?

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Professional bodies for public health practitioners

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CCG Network
Network of professionals involved in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and those with a professional interest.
Keywords: ('Network of professionals involved in GP Consortia, and those with a professional interest.',)
Health Visitor Network
A network for Health Visitors to share information, best practice, experience and stories.
Keywords: ('specialist', 'visiting', 'visitor', 'public health', 'hv', 'community', 'health', 'nurse', 'scphn')
Information Governance Collaborative Network
A network to support the Information Governance community through transition by providing a space in which to raise questions, highlight issues, discuss ...
Keywords: ('information governance', 'transition', 'ig professional leadership group')
Integrating Local Healthy Lifestyle Services
A network for public health professionals working to commission integrated services for promoting healthy lifestyles and changing unhealthy behaviour
Keywords: ('lifestyle', 'alcohol', 'public health', 'physical activity', 'improvement', 'behaviour', 'smoking', 'promotion')
Linking Leaders
The leadership network that crosses boundaries - professional, geographic, sectors and attitudes.
Keywords: ('management', 'leaders', 'cross', 'manager', 'clinical', 'leadership', 'multiprofessional', 'professional', 'multi professional', 'mdt')
Local Dental Network (Airedale, Bradford & Leeds cluster)
Local Dental Network for the ABL cluster. Bringing together dental clinicians and associated professionals from across the district.
Keywords: ('abl cluster', 'professional network', 'dental')
Major Truama Coordinators
Discussions page for Major Trauma Coordinators
Keywords: ('major', 'trauma', 'nurse', 'coordinator', 'practitioners', 'mtnc', 'mtc', 'trauma')
Matlock Road Patient Reference Group
We have established this Patient Reference Group to help us listen and respond to patients so that we may develop and improve our service to our patients ...
Keywords: ('Patient and Public Involvement',)
National Association of LINks Members (NALM)
An association of: - people who are active and experienced in patient and public involvement in health and social care and are members of LINks. - people ...
Keywords: ('Patient', 'LINks', 'National', 'Regional', 'Involvement', 'Public')
Patient Information Forum
The Patient Information Forum (PIF) (www.pifonline.org.uk) is the UK membership organisation and network for people working in, and involved with, healthcare ...
Keywords: ('patient information', 'patient and public involvement', 'communication', 'PPI', 'patient experience', 'health information')