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Primary care transformation

GP commissioning: Shaping diabetes care in Bexley

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GP commissioning: Shaping diabetes care in Bexley

Redesign of diabetes services had a positive impact on clinical outcomes.

Author: B. Cotter and J. Grumitt

Journal: Diabetes & Primary Care  2011  13  (6)  375-380

Year: 2011

Redesigning the diabetes service in Bexley involved research from people with diabetes and healthcare professionals, improving access to structured education, regular audit and implementing person-centred care, including care-planning. Bexley was also a Year of Care pilot site and changes to the service have resulted in improvements in HbA<sub>1c</sub> levels, blood pressure and BMI, and a sense of empowerment among people with diabetes to self-manage their condition successfully. This article outlines the process of redesigning the diabetes service.

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