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LOCSU Atlas of Optical Variation - Enhanced Eye Health Services in England

The online resource means:

  • Commissioners will be able to pinpoint what enhanced services are missing in their area and to identify local possibly neighbouring regions which have services in place and so could be used as a sign post for more information.
  • LOCs and LPNs can see at a glance  what services are being delivered by other areas and  find out how they can replicate their success in developing new services.  
  • The ‘snapshot view’ of community eye care services available in the England will be helpful for  LOCSU, the Optical Confederation and all cross sector stakeholders working on the UK Vision Strategy in demonstrating the success and value of community eye care.
  • The Atlas also provides a powerful tool  for anyone trying to raise awareness of local eye care services and ophthalmic public health with new Health and Wellbeing Boards.

Obviously as with any ‘snapshot’, the Atlas doesn’t provide indepth detail. It doesn’t, for example, give a full explanation on why some areas don’t have certain services. It also needs to eventually link with outcomes in local eye health to provide an even more substantial case for commissioners.  

But as a first stepping stone, the Atlas can offer a real timely springboard for LOCs and LPNs in helping them demonstrate to the new CCGs the extent of  community eye care pathways across the country.

The LOCSU Atlas of Optical Variation - Enhanced Eye Health Services in England is now available at www.locsu.co.uk/atlas