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December 02. 2014
Amy Coggan


I am posting this conversation following a Benchmarking Network Knowledge Exchange query I submitted, which had a fantastic response from PMOs across the country in all sectors of healthcare. My query was:

'I am interested to understand whether other Trusts, from any setting (Acute, Mental Health, Community), have a Programme Management Office (PMO) or function? What I am wanting to find out is whether other Trusts have this function and what kinds of projects they manage for the Trust? E.g. IT projects, Quality projects? Any transformation projects? How large is the function? I also would like to hear from Trusts who don’t have a formal Programme Management Office or function and how they manage the delivery of projects? E.g. dedicated Project Managers in services?’

The reason I submitted the query was because we don’t have a PMO of any kind and I’ve kept waffling on about it in the Trust to no avail!

I have emailed all the kind respondees with my main findings from all the discussions I've had and I have also invited everyone to this network.

If anyone else has joined the network on the back of my email (or otherwise), let's do introductions?





December 03. 2014
Ria Hall

Hi Amy

I'm based within a Community Trust - Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust and I'm a Project Manager.

We have recently rebranded from being a PMO to a 'Transformation & Change Team.'

We get involved in financial, IT, quality and transformation projects. We work on a variety of workstreams and support the organisation to deliver it's objectives using sound project management principles.

We are fairly new as a team but as well as project management, we are looking to also pick up 'new business' including horizon scanning and business case development, service development and redesign as well as change facilitation.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards

Ria Hall

May 27. 2015
Craig Holden

Hi Amy,

I work for a large NHS foundation Trust and we too have had numerous discussions on the merits of PMO or not PMO - that is the question - wondered if you had managed to source any benchmarking info / got any responses on PMO usage following your original post - appreciate it is a few months ago now?




May 27. 2015
Amy Coggan

Hi Craig,

I actually left the post I was in shortly after I did the exercise above, so I sadly never got to see it through to implementation in the Trust I was in. Email me at amy.coggan@nhs.net and I'll update you on where I got up to.

In summary, for anyone who happens to view this thread, of the Trusts I spoke to there were many variations on the models but as at Dec/Jan there was a trend of Trusts having small/medium PMOs with Project Managers in the divisions/services or no central PMO and just devolved Project Managers in the divisions. A few still had large central PMOs


As you can see the network idea really kicked off ;) lots of people were keen initially but I guess the daily grind gets in the way!

Kind regards


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