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April 16. 2013

This forum is to welcome you to the PMO Network. Please drop in a comment and start a discussion about your PMO experiences.

April 17. 2013
neil morgan

Hi Christian,

Many thanks for your welcome. A task that I am currently on with is that of establishing a standard set of templates around project management documents and associated reporting e.g. project plans, monthly reporting, etc. Whilst I begin exploring nhsnetworks, would you be able to advise if there is such a document library?

Kind regards,


April 17. 2013

Hi Neil, the only universal set of templates I have come across are these Prince2 ones [ http://www.prince-officialsite.com/Resources/Resources.aspx ] which you can shape to your own Trust's requirements.

August 17. 2018
Steven Azari
Ha! I was about to create a project management network as the search results don't bring anything for "project" to the network settings, can you add the following to "Keywords" Project Manager Support Officer Analyst Lead Project Lead Project Manager Project Analyst Project Manager Support Officer just off the top of my head :) gah! the forum auto formats all content to 1 paragraph! each needs to be on a separate line
October 24. 2018
Andy Smith

Does anyone still look at this network - I would be interested in other organisation PMO/PDO contacts.  Andy

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