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About us

The Aims of the Network are to:

1. Act as a Plymouth network for people involved in public health research.

2. Promote high quality research and development in academic and practice settings aimed at improving and protecting the health of the public.

3. Be facilitated as a virtual network through an e-group.

The Network will:

* Act as an advisory group/individuals for network members on public health research methodologies, project proposals etc.

* Encourage members to share their research interests and projects on a database to be made available to all members of the network.

* Enable sharing and dissemination of local research practice in public health via an e-group.

* Collaborate with other research networks/forums in the Peninsula.

The e-group’s purpose is to act as a communication channel for Network members to share information on:

* funding/grant opportunities for public health research

* research projects being developed or completed

* publications of own work on public health

* research/projects

* research ideas, and to request help with research projects

* public health courses/seminars/training in the Peninsula

* research job/vacancy opportunities in the area

* useful resources e.g. websites etc