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Patient Safety

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July 17. 2014
tony jamieson

It looks as though this was a very lively event. The contributions are really good. I'm investigating ways in which we can take this work forward and engage with the other medicines safety champions who were not able to attend the LPN event.

July 18. 2014

Patient safety is not just the domain of pharmacists. It should be a whole team approach. The document should reflect that.

August 04. 2014
tony jamieson

I couldn't agree more. I see a number of factors contributing to medication safety. These are:

  • optimising medicines use to increase their benefits thereby keeping patients safe from the harmful effects of their condition. Blood pressure control in IHD is an example.
  • Minimising avoidable ADRs. Discontinuing antiplatelets at the end of their recommended treatment course post STEMI is an example of this.
  • Avoiding medication errors that lead to harm.
  • Activating patients to engage them in maintaining their own safety. A great example of this is how motivated warfarin patients can be to ensure OTC meds are safe to take.

And for these to come about we need all the professions and all the sectors to do their part.

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