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Paediatric Clinical Guidelines 2013-14

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Paediatric Clinical Guidelines 2013-14


From the inception of PiP, it was recognised that developing clinical guidelines together, was an efficient use of time and would assist PiP in meeting one of its objectives, "to improve the quality of services for children".

Developing quality guidelines that will be useful at the patient doctor interface, is a very challenging agenda. Consequently, PiP was delighted to join with The Bedside Clinical Guidelines Partnership Group, who had already developed a methodology and a team approach to developing adult medical guidelines, which had been implemented in many of the PiP Partnership organisations.

The guidelines contain completed clinical guidelines and the titles of those guidelines which are available in the handbook. The author of any guideline can contact Steve Parton, Clinical effectiveness librarian who undertakes on their behalf an expert literature review to find answers to specific questions. The outcome of these literature reviews or any other supporting information about the guideline can be found on the evidence pages, which are linked to each guideline. These pages contain a wealth of useful information. However, if you know of additional evidence that has not been considered in answering any of the questions, the BCGP would be delighted to hear from you

More information about the guidelines project and the authors is available on the guidelines project page. If you would like to comment on a guideline or become involved as a writer or reviewer, then contact Kay Hall, Guidelines Co-ordinator.

Click here to download a copy of the Paediatric Guidelines 2013-14 

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If you wish to purchase a copy of the current paediatric guidelines please click and complete the Order Form  2013-14 edition reduced to £8 inc p&p

NB: The 2013-14 edition is currently being revised and is due to be ready for print about September 2014.