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Offender Health IT

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This is a closed group managed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre.
This is a closed group managed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. (less...)

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Re: Telemeds - Airedale Trust
I know this might be a bit late but we are using Airedale TM, at HMP Wakefield. simon.jones11@nhs.net  
08:40 - Fri 18 Jul 2014
Further Prison Prescribing Deployment
Two more prisons have gone live with the new prison prescribing functionality; HMP Wormwood Scrubs on 30th April and HMP Brixton on the 7th May. Many thanks to all involved...
14:21 - Fri 09 May 2014
New staff at HSCIC Offender Health team
Hello, On the first official day of my new job as Senior Project Manager for Offender Health I want to post a quick introduction to myself.  I’m Tracy Davis; I’ve...
16:31 - Mon 03 Feb 2014
New Prescribing and Meds Administration Functionality now Live
The new  Prescribing and Meds Administration Functionality was successfully deployed at HMP Pentonville on the 19th November and is now being used at the prison. A roll out plan is...
11:01 - Thu 21 Nov 2013
New Prescribing & Meds Admin functionality
Hi all,  Just a quick update on progress with the new prescribing functionality, it is due to deploy to the First of Type site, HMP Pentonville, on the 19th November...
09:58 - Tue 05 Nov 2013
Enhanced Data Sharing Model - eDSM
Hi all,   I know some of you are starting to see the new eDSM screen for sharing in a record from outside of the prison. One question I have...
09:50 - Mon 14 Oct 2013
NHS Number defect fixed
  Hi all,   I have been told by TPP that a fix has recently been released that should solve the problem with recording NHS Number on the prison record....
16:51 - Tue 10 Sep 2013
Re: Telemeds - Airedale Trust
Hi Denise, Not sure if this is the Airedale solution, but I did notice this article on e-health insider http://www.ehi.co.uk/news/EHI/8879/ccg-axes-telehealth-service
11:22 - Tue 10 Sep 2013
Telemeds - Airedale Trust
We're considering the use of telemeds with Airedale Trust, is anyone out there using this?  If you are, please let me have your contact details to discuss.  Thanks
12:07 - Thu 29 Aug 2013
Re: Reporting problems
Hi Leon, We've found problems with joint reports, particularly when wanting to report over a period of time, i.e in the last month, they seem to work when we only...
10:24 - Wed 07 Aug 2013
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