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Current Awareness

QR Code - click and scan. Request a resource - ask for a book or journal article. Make an enquiry - ask a question. Journals A-Z.

What is Current Awareness?

If you are part of a project, have an ongoing professional interest in a topic or have a responsibility to keep your team up to date with the latest research you need to use Current Awareness Services. Current Awareness Services send information about the latest publications to you via e-mail or over the web. Services are provided by libraries and organisations that have a remit to promote the use of good current information. These services do require an investment of time to set up, register online or add to your RSS Reader. Once set up they run in the background delivering information to you on a regular basis.

Current Awareness Services

NWAS LKS on Twitter @NWASLibrary

NWAS LKS posts regular updates to Twitter.  To keep up to date follow @NWASLibrary.

    Services posted by NWAS LKS to Yammer

    Updates are regularly circulated to NWAS Staff via Yammer by NWAS LKS. Topics include: Prehospital and Emergency Services, EPRR and Telephone Support in Prehospital Care. Follow the NWAS Library and Knowledge Service Yammer group. 

    External Current Awareness Service

    These services are provided for all NHS staff. You can subscribe to them individually via RSS or e-mail, or click through using the links below.

    External Current Awareness Service for Nurses

    These services are aimed at Nurses. Click through using the links below.

    Bulletins and Newsletters

    Most organisations produce bulletins or newsletters to promote information or activities that they feel are important. Look out for the option to sign up for a newsletter from organisations that interest you.

    Table of Contents Services (TOCs)

    These services provide electronic access to the tables of contents of the most recent issues of journals. They allow you to select only the titles of interest to you.

    • JournalTOCs - free web/RSS based service. Requires individual registration.

    NWAS LKS has created web based services that collate TOCs from key peer reviewed journals. Just click on the links here to review the most recent issues.

    Look out as well for TOCs services provided by individual publishers or individual journal titles. These services may provide added value, such as abstracts and early notification of forthcoming articles.


    NWAS LKS can set up personalised Alerts for you. These are planned searches of databases which are saved and run periodically to find new publications. Results are e-mailed to you. Contact Matt Holland if you would like more information on how to do this.

    Some organisations provide Alert services for the NHS/Health Care. These include The Kings Fund which lists recent publications added to their Library database and the NHS Institute produces a very useful summary of recent research in healthcare management and innovation.

    Lessons Learned

    Links to reports and inquiries and Ambulance Services [ Link ]

    Further Research Needed

    A summary of areas for further research identified in recent systematic reviews.  If you would like access the full text of these reviews or further searches on any topic please contact

    NWAS LKS - Current Awareness Update for Paramedic Practice

    This service is now closed. Please see continuation service PESCAU

    NWAS LKS - Current Awareness Update for HR & OD

    Last Updated November 2017