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Advanced Analytics

Driving and delivering the digital enablement and transformation through advanced analytics to support the aims and ambitions of NWL’s Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP).


  • Good overview of the ‘BI Estate across NWL’
  • Good understanding of the Data (Quality, Processing & Costs) ensuring compliance to regulations (GDPR) and guidance in terms purpose and consumption.
  • Understanding and ensuring alignment to the Regional and National (DSFC programme) Plans and target architecture.
  • Corporate Analytics – improve and clearly define the corporate analytics to support ‘single source truth’.
  • Population Health Strategy to continue and develop the Whole systems Integrated Care DW and also evaluating other tools. 
  • Future framework and considerations on supporting Personalised Analytics Strategy (i.e. citizen engagement and GDPR). Patient Generated Health Data
  • Future considerations and planning to support The Research and Innovation Agenda.


Provisional membership: NHSE, STP Leads, Leads, Directors of BI/ Heads of BI