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Digital Citizen

Driving and delivering the digital enablement and transformation to encourage and empower citizens through the use of technology, tools and information to connect and assist with their care and well-being. Supporting the aims and ambitions of NWL’s Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP).


  • Overview of the ‘Digital Citizen’ related initiatives across NWL .
  • Continuing the crowd sourcing campaign to help determine motivation and behaviours toward the digital tools to inform the STP, LDR. Ensuring appropriate strategies are in place to take forward key analysis and recommendations.
  • Support ‘Patient Empowerment’ through the digital campaign for citizens of NWL
  • Driving forward the development of authentication arrangements to support pan-NWL initiatives
  • Driving forward the delivery of the NWL ‘Health Now’ App for citizens to support care and wellbeing as one stop
  • Overseeing the development of the NWL ‘Health Now’ to support the LDR and STP (including the links to Patient Online, Patient Knows Best, and Online Consultations)
  • Developing the framework to support ‘Wearable's’ and Patient Generated Data.


Provisional membership: NHSE, STP Leads, CCIOs, CIOs, Directors of IT, Clinical IT Directors.