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About us

2.0 Membership

The Core Members of the North West Paediatric & Perinatal HIV Clinical Network are:

  • Chairperson
  • Lead Clinician representing Greater Manchester, Cumbria & Lancashire, Cheshire & Mersey, North Staffordshire & Shropshire
  • Lead Nurse or specialist midwife representing Greater Manchester, Cumbria & Lancashire, Cheshire & Mersey, North Staffordshire & Shropshire
  • Specialised Commissioner – Children’s Services
  • Children’s Programme Manager (Tertiary services) & Project support
  • Sexual Health Network leads from Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Mersey, Cumbria & Lancashire, North Staffordshire & Shropshire
  • PCT commissioner representation
  • Community and voluntary sector representation
  • Barnardo’s, Gregory’s Place representative

Additional members may be co-opted onto the group to report on specific projects as required.

  • Public Health
  • Health Protection Agency
  • Medicines Management
  • Psychology
  • Pathology
  • Patient/Carer representative
  • Workforce development/Training and Education

3.0 Scope of the Work

The scope of the clinical network is to improve communication and standards of care across the North West. It is not the responsibility of the group to commission services but to make recommendations to commissioners for their consideration.

4.0 Purpose

4.1 The group will coordinate Paediatric HIV services for the North West provider catchment population (Cheshire & Mersey, Greater Manchester, Cumbria & Lancashire, North Wales, Isle of Man, North Staffordshire and Shropshire). Where North West patients flow out of region, the network will ensure links are made will peripheral networks.

4.2 The Group will aim to ensure consistency in the quality and access to paediatric HIV care across the North West and to work in partnership across the multidisciplinary paediatric teams, Specialised Commissioners, Social Services and the Strategic Health Authority. In addition, the network will engage with patients and their carers and associated networks.

4.3 The group will act as the expert reference group for paediatric HIV care services across the North West, North Wales, the Isle of Man and North Staffordshire and Shropshire.

5.0 Specific Responsibilities

The role of the group is to critically review all aspects of Paediatric HIV Care within the North West. The specific responsibilities of the group are outlined below and will be focused around the patient pathway:

  • In line with national & local guidance, to undertake a scoping exercise to identify any pressures/gaps in current service provision. This may result in the need to develop a comprehensive business case for Paediatric HIV by 2009/10.
  • To promote the production of a framework for paediatric HIV care standards across the North West, which will take account of national standards such as the Children’s NSF, Chronic disease, NICE and other best practice. The aim will be to achieve consistency in standards across all service providers.
  • To promote the involvement of patients and their carers within the planning of Paediatric & Perinatal HIV Care across the North West.
  • To ensure that the North West regional centres provide annual audit data on all children with HIV to the collaborative HIV Paediatric study.
    • All children with HIV to the collaborative HIV Paediatric study (CHIPS).
    • All infants born to mothers with HIV to be notified to National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood (NSHPC).
  • Monitor local provision and performance of Paediatric & Perinatal HIV Care against local and national standards identifying where gaps/pressures exist and make recommendations through appropriate channels to the North West Children’s Tertiary Strategy group to be considered for prioritisation.
  • To provide advice on the infrastructure required by local DGHs (District general hospitals) and PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) for the development of education, training and research within Paediatric & Perinatal HIV services, including development programmes for the training of Registrars and training grades.
  • To work closely with the Health Protection Agency /North West Public Health Observatory with regard to data intelligence
  • To promote the development of integrated patient pathways and to develop service planning and prioritisation by liaising with primary and secondary care colleagues and associated adult sexual health networks.
  • To improve communication within Paediatric & Perinatal HIV Care services within the North West.
  • To develop a half yearly newsletter and timely website communication with regard to network activity, updates and to share good practice to key stakeholders including: Primary Care Trusts, Foundation Trusts, DGH’s networks and voluntary sector.
  • Adhere to the North West Tertiary Children’s Strategy group’s network guidelines and reporting arrangements
  • Hold an annual North West HIV workshop to communicate good practice and lessons learned.

6.0 Frequency of Meetings

The Paediatric HIV Clinical Network meetings will be held on a quarterly basis

7.0 Reporting Arrangements


- Members of the network are responsible for disseminating information to respective organisations


7.2 - The group are responsible for notifying the Children’s Programme Manager and the North West Specialised Commissioner of any communications involving political, media or Freedom of information requests.

7.3 - The Children’s Programme Manager will communicate progress to the North West Tertiary Children’s strategy group on a quarterly basis.

7.4 - The Children’s Programme Manager will communicate progress to respective PCT Collaborative Commissioning Groups. and associated networks.