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Guidelines - asthma?

Up to Guideline suggestions?
July 23. 2010
Mahil Samuel

Have had an excellent suggestion already from some one on the network - management of acute asthma. Let us know what you think. Sam

August 31. 2010
Michael cronin

......feel I can't leave your suggestion with no reply !!!!  Yes....think this would be a useful guideline to consider. There is also the new NICE menigitis and meningococcal guide for the group to think about

September 21. 2010
Mahil Samuel

Thanks Mike, just to flag up, the dose of hydrocortisone in the initial meningococcal guidelines was wrong at 0.25mg/m2 instead of 25mg/m2. This has been corrected on the recent guideline and will replace the one on the site shortly with the updated guideline.

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