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North East England Acute and General Paediatric Guidelines Network

A network for sharing acute and general paediatric guidelines in the North East of England
A network for sharing acute and general paediatric guidelines in the North East of England (less...)
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East of England Emerging Leaders Network
A network of approximately 140 members are from a wide range of professional backgrounds and from all NHS organisations in East of England.
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East of England GP Trainees
Welcome to Southend Hospital NHS Foundation Trust! We welcome all first year GP trainees in the East of England to our Trust in our capacity as Lead ...
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East of England Healthcare Scientist Network
Network to bring together all healthcare scientists in the East of England.
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East of England Physics and Engineering Network
Professional network to support all those delivering Clinical Physics and Engineering services in the East of England
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East of England GP Commissioning Network
The GP Commissioning Network is designed to be a forum for sharing good practice and current documents, events and training which may be relevant or of ...
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East of England Respiratory Programme
A group for clinicians and managers working in the East of England to improve the quality of respiratory care. Please register and log-in to access the ...
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East of England Severe - Profound Regional Group
The group is for audiologists and other professionals with an interest in improving management of people with severe-profound hearing loss
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East of England Streamlining
Regional programme that significantly reduces time to hire, agency spend and repetition of pre-employment processes. Increases capacity of HR, OD and Learning ...
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East of England Tinnitus Network
Professionals working with tinnitus and hyperacusis patients in the East of England discussing service development ideas and new guidelines/research
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East of England Vestibular Interest Group
This group has been set up to connect the members of the East of England Vestibular Interest Group.
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