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the evidence base

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August 12. 2011
Tim Anstiss

I am familiar with the evidence base around health behaviour change, and the hundreds of randomised controlled trials showing CBT and Motivational Interviewing are effective in delivering improved health outcomes in patients with depression, heart disease, obesity, smoking, cancer, alcohol dependency, etc, etc. These approaches have so much data they have been subject to systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Could anyone signpost me to any controlled trial whatsoever that NLP works, since I am genuinely interested in learning about this but find data about effectiveness really hard to come by, despite lots of opinion. Thanks.

August 13. 2011
mark peters

Please look at the section on NLP research and also take a look at the website NLPrandr and the google group NLPevidence. There is a new book being published soon. ANLP have produced Acuity which can be downloaded from this site and from the ANLP site.

I and many others use NLP as an effective alternative to CBT with all the areas you've mentioned, I have also used it with Chronic pain, phobias and PTSD. As far as I know there have been no systematic reviews and meta-analyses for hypnotherapy or even psycotherapy either.


September 01. 2011
Tim Anstiss

There are a huge number of metaanalyses and systematic reviews of different types of therapy - there are over 20 for motivational interviewing alone. The journal your sent doesn't contain any research I'm afraid. I know NLP is being used, that is not in doubt. All I want is some proper research studies to look at where NLP is compared to other treatments using valid outcome measures. Perhaps it is too early, and such research studies do not yet exist?

September 07. 2011
mark peters

Hi Tim, take a look at http://www.networks.nhs.uk/nhs-networks/nlp-in-healthcare/news/nlp-evidence-and-reseach-grows where I have added some great links to reserch. in the news section I have also added articles.

Hope this helps


January 25. 2013
mark peters

the only system review I am aware of is inconclusive but it can be found at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23211179


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