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a get together Public view | Network member posting
would people like to meet up or chat on-line?
by mark peters January 25. 2013
re: Re: the evidence base
a place to discuss NLP Public view | Network member posting
here is a place to talk openly and share NLP, cross-overs with CBT, motivational interviewing etc. and how we can best apply the methodology to develop useful tools
by mark peters August 03. 2013
re: Free Introduction to NLP in Birmingham - Sept.13
Clinical hypnotherapy in the NHS Public view | Network member posting
The NICE guidelines recommend hypnotherapy for IBS so why isn't used more? research shows that over 75% of conditions presented to GP are emotinoally induced rather than a primary physical condition so why is hypnotherapy not used more to deal with them? here is your chance to discuss and debate
by mark peters May 17. 2011
re: Re: relaxation sessions could be so much more
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