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Unable to change display name without changing email address

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October 14. 2016
Nicola Redwood

You used to be able to amend the display name on an account without changing the email


There is now no option to do this it appears without changing the email address

October 21. 2016
Alex Davies

Same problem here, we have a call logged for it but no fix as yet...

November 07. 2016

Same issue here, and if someone continues to misspell a name, you run out of Aliases! Calls logged, but no progress. Changed accounts also seem to have reverted back to their original email addresses!

November 11. 2016

Found a workaround for this, post the changes made to Display names, as per the OCT 31 LOA bulletin. If you change the surname to lower case, it invokes the "Change email" button, you can then select a new email address, eg:

Surname showing as Smith, change to smith, change email button available!

A bigger problem, at least for us, is that post the changes on the 8th Nov, all of our GP Practices are  now seeing the CCG in their Display name, vice the name of the practice. We are not using TANSYNC, or a push connnector at the moment, so have no easy way to rectify this. I have raised as a call, and involved Feedback in this problem, and it has been escalated, as of 2 minutes ago

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