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Stability issues today

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October 13. 2016
Nicola Redwood

Anyone else been setting stability issues yesterday and today?

Over the last 2 days, I've been getting 'page cannot be displayed' for the admin portal (fs.nhs.net) both at work and at home, today several users were having issues where folders would disappear completely in delegated mailboxes or not be visible at all.  Later this afternoon, it was fine for all but 1 person

Have also been getting send/receive errors in Outlook this afternoon

No reported issues on service status, no service outage notifications and NHSMail helpdesk not aware of any issues


October 14. 2016
Alex Davies

We re getting similar issues here, can't access the service status page (http://nww.hscic.gov.uk/servicemanagement/status/) to see if there is a national problem...

October 14. 2016
Nicola Redwood

Was checking service status al through the day and nothing on there or at support.nhs.net/servicestatus

Still some issues today, however better

November 07. 2016

This is happening again today, seems to be getting worse. Anyone else notice this, post the last Servicebridge alert being resolved last Thursday. Call logged, but advised it is a known issue. Latest on the Support pages advises:

Open Key Incidents

  • 07/11/2016 10:45 - Portal Performance - INC700042860708 (Severity 3): LOAs may be experiencing intermittent access issues or slow performance with the NHSmail2 Portal. This issue is being investigated and a further update will be provided in due course. Resolved: 07/11/2016 11:45 A standard job had stalled which required cancelling. This has been completed and the performance has been confirmed as improved.

November 17. 2016
Nicola Redwood

Issues again yesterday and been getting 'page cannot be displayed' intermittently today


My instinct is that this is to implement fixes

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