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NHSMail Transition

NHSMail Transition

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User management in new admin portal

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October 11. 2016
Nicola Redwood

The only way I can describe this is a complete mess and utter chaos

We have not got Local Admins for quite a few organisations (mostly practices) as we have too many for the system to cope with

We had no Local Admin at all for around 10 days.

I've been trying to get answers from Accenture and constantly going around in circles. They have been far more responsive this week than previous weeks since the new admin portal went live and I got an update today.

This particular issue is having a major impact on delivering a service

I don't like the fact that emails from Tier1 come from helpdesk@nhs.net however anything from the various resolver teams is sent from itsm.app@accenture.com.

They could at least set the reply to address as helpdesk@nhs.net

One of our practice local admins can only see 1 account under their organisation list, yet there are other accounts under that organisation suggesting that there are issues with the profiling of accounts. Workaround is to mark as a leaver and rejoin however we do not have the resource or capacity to do this locally

We are also having significant problems location accounts under User Management where we have Local Admin for that organisation. It is also clunky and slow using any browser.

I've not been doing that much around NHSmail until the end of last week, so likely more feedback to come.


Edit 4/10/2016: Despite the latest LA bulletin advised this is now fixed, it is not fixed for myself and many if not all other LA's here.

October 12. 2016
Alex Davies

Nicola, Luckily I only look after one org so its not that much of an issue, but trying to find any details for other orgs is hard work.


On an aside, the bulletins are not that helpful, the last one described that the problems with static lists were fixed....they definitely are not fixed...

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