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NHSMail Transition

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To discuss issues and ideas around NHSMail transition
To discuss issues and ideas around NHSMail transition (less...)

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Error sending emails from shared mailboxes
Is anyone else seeing issues sending emails from shared mailboxes?   We have had a number of calls logged by practices saying they were able to send from shared mailboxes...
20:31 - Fri 10 Feb 2017
Sub-domain branding
Is anyone using this? It's a shame it's receipt only
22:35 - Fri 20 Jan 2017
Re: Passwords now changing
Update as follows:   We are aware of this issue as are NHSDigital.  This feature will be turned on soon
21:03 - Wed 11 Jan 2017
Issues with Outlook profile after organisation move
I seem to remember something about an issue with the Outlook MAPI profile not updating properly after an account has been moved from one organisation to another, but cannot find...
21:01 - Wed 11 Jan 2017
Known issue with nested departments and DDL's
Does anyone know if the above has been resolved? It is still displaying on the status page I have several DDL's using nested depts. and need to send an email...
20:54 - Wed 11 Jan 2017
Job title on account
Does anyone know how to change a job title on an account?   I need to change my job title, which used to be an option when logged on via...
20:50 - Wed 11 Jan 2017
Passwords not changing
Just logged the following:   I have noticed that I have not had a prompt to change my password on my NHSMail account over 90 days Multiple other NHSMail users...
16:45 - Fri 18 Nov 2016
Re: Shared mailboxes
Adding external NHSMail users to shared mailboxes now appears to have been fixed.   One of our local admin was not able to do this on Saturday, but kept trying...
16:20 - Thu 17 Nov 2016
Re: Stability issues today
Issues again yesterday and been getting 'page cannot be displayed' intermittently today   My instinct is that this is to implement fixes
16:14 - Thu 17 Nov 2016
Re: 14/11/2016: CroydonPractices <croccg.CroydonPractices@nhs.net>
I have serious concerns around compliance, governance etc of NHSMail2 This is why there need to be the relevant controls in place to ensure this risk of this kind of...
12:14 - Thu 17 Nov 2016
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