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Green building standards unveiled in Scotland

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Green building standards unveiled in Scotland

Green building standards unveiled in Scotland

Scotland plan to overhaul energy standards on homes and buildings

New sustainability rules for buildings have been unveiled north of the border

The standards will come into effect in the autumn and have been launched in order to improve energy efficiency in Scottish homes.

Plans also include adding sound insulation to buildings and overhauling security features.

Better energy standards will help the country's buildings reduce their emissions by 30 per cent on 2007 levels, the Scottish government has claimed.

Stewart Stevenson, infrastructure minister in Scotland, said:

"I expect higher demand for small scale renewables technologies as developers look at ways to meet the new standards, giving Scotland new opportunities for jobs and investment in low carbon industries. Cutting out energy waste will also save money ... Taken together, these improvements will lead to better, warmer and quieter homes to live in."

A technical handbook listing all the new rules, which will come into effect on October 1st, has been published by the Scottish authorities.

Source: ©EST