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Carbon Reduction Scheme 'could be adapted'

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Carbon Reduction Scheme 'could be adapted'

Carbon Reduction Scheme 'could be adapted'

CRC could reduce emissions by 34 percent

An environmental organisation has called for aspects of the government's Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme to be adapted.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) has said that the plans fail to differentiate between companies and councils which could be deemed unfair.

David Powell, economic campaigner for FoE, said:

 "Its right to require both the public and private sector to cut their emissions, but expecting councils to compete with companies for carbon credits is wrong in principle and wrong in practice."

However, the scheme has the potential to cut carbon emissions in the UK substantially.

Launched last week (April 1st) the CRC EES could reduce carbon dioxide emissions from homes and businesses by at least 34 per cent on 1990, levels by 2020.

Energy efficiency measures and products, as yet unused by many businesses, are the cornerstone of the plans, which it is hoped will have the additional benefit of saving public and private sector organisations around £1 billion a year.

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