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Queries about data collection

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February 22. 2012
Jane Gretton

I came into Patient Safety Thermometer at a late stage so I am unsure whether these Issues have been resolved - Hospital collection of data


Death category on Falls harm – I feel cannot be answered for 2 reasons, a dead patient may not be in a bed at time of audit.  If a patient had fallen and then died a post mortem would be required to establish the cause of death, which would take place several days later.  A patient may have fallen as a result of dying or vice versa.


The final totals still show OLD harms – possibly pre-existing conditions in our main thermometer totals.  A diagnosis of a pressure ulcer or UTI on admission is not a harm but a clinical diagnosis.


Can someone hepl me with this.

February 24. 2012
Abigail Warren

Hi Jane,

You are right, a death from a fall would most likely not ever be recorded in the tool. The reason it is there is because we stuck to the NPSA definitions for the levels of harm and they include death.

Old harms are included in the tool. The safety thermometer collects prevelance data that contains old and new harms. So for pressure ulcers for example we can look at all PUs, old PUs or new PUs.

In the safety thermometer a pressure ulcers is classed as a harm as is a patient who has a catheter and is being treated clinically for a UTI. www.harmfreecare.org explains the development of the concept of harm free care and the use of the term 'harm'.

Any other questions please ask away!



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