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About us

This group of network leads has volunteered to develop an assurance and evaluation framework for networks of all sizes and aims. Whether you are starting an informal group to share knowledge or developing a clinical network with aims to improve a specific patient pathway, we want to highlight the practical steps to consider at each stage.

During April 2011 each lead will be applying the draft framework to their own network in order to evaluate what improvements can be made to the document. A template for an annual network report will accompany the framework.

While this evaluation takes place, the documents and message board will only be visible to members.

The networks that are taking part in this initial development are:

Respiratory Leads network

Commissioning for Long Term Conditions

Northern CFS/ME Clinical Network

South Wales Cardiac Network

Once the next draft of the framework is developed, we will open up the evaluation to all network leads on the NHS Networks website. The desired outcome will be to share evidence of savings and efficiencies achieved through networking. 

Whether you use this framework or have already developed your own evaluation, we would very much like to hear the results and any evidence of success.