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May 26. 2013
Rachael Garvey

Hi everyone! Well found my way here. I'lll spread the word to anyone i come across in the world of social media! Hope ur all well.

May 27. 2013
Andrew Perry

Looks like I've found it too, mainly thanks to your walk through Twitter.

I'm as well as can be expected after a weekend of theatre on call and shed re-roofing. I really know how to live it up after Yarnfield.  Could be painting some doors tomorrow.

Still coughing away but no need for CPAP fortunately!

May 27. 2013
Steve Buckley

Only 76 more members required!!

May 28. 2013
Darren Cordon

Hi All,

Hopefully most people will get the email link I sent this morning and join up.

Speak to you later.


May 28. 2013
Giles Arbon

Hi all, thanks to twitter I have located this group! I wonder if it would be useful to upload the bits from blackboard onto this group as a resource?

May 28. 2013
Jackie Stretton

Afternoon all! Steve why are you lying on your side??

May 28. 2013
helen morris

Amazingly I have found my way here too, thanks to Darren's email. Good idea Jason.

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