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Footie pictures

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May 30. 2013
Andrew Perry


Just uploading the footie pictures from Yarnfield to a public folder on my SkyDrive.

Even being ruthless about what to upload there are still 86 of them!

At the time of posting about half have uploaded.

This is the link http://sdrv.ms/ZvYvMM

I'll also tweet it later for the other 70 #cfellows who aren't members or so but Twitter is blocked by the Trust so I will have to wait until I get home.

May 30. 2013
Darren Cordon

Thanks Andrew. These are fab. D

May 30. 2013
Andrew Perry

Jackie G gets most of the credit. She took masses of pictures on my camera; I took a few when I wasn't playing.

I just had to crop and photoshop the best ones. There were about 400 or so to start with, hence the time lag!


May 30. 2013
Rachael Garvey

Hi Andrew

thank you for sharing these, they're brilliant! I've shared my favourite on Twitter.

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